I would make a good leprechaun because… by Mrs. Benson’s Class

Mrs. Benson’s first graders first discussed with a partner & as a class what qualities make a good leprechaun. Next they wrote an answer to the question, “Why would you make a good leprechaun?” (You can find that recording sheet here.) Finally, students used the ChatterPix Kids app to record themselves reading their sentences. Enjoy their work!

Hour of Code Week!

Mrs. Benson’s students recently participated in the worldwide Hour of Code event to celebrate Computer Science Education week. (Click the embeded links to learn more about these events.) When students work on coding, they are learning to collaborate with others, developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, learning how computers and programming works and having fun! Some of the coding apps we use are:






The Foos


Daisy the Dino


Code Blast



Enjoy the pictures of them working!
Benson Coding

Mrs. Benson’s Class is AWESOME

Mrs. Benson’s first graders discussed how everyone is AWESOME at something. We watched this video by Kid President to be inspired:

In this video, Kid President is introducing a guide to being awesome.  Here is our digital version of how we ARE awesome. Enjoy their work!

***To complete this project students first drew their pictures with the Paint Go tool by abcya.com.  Next we compiled their pictures using the 30 Hands app and recorded their voices.